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Pexip and nuVa partnership brings more natural, interactive virtual meetings


nuVa’s visual collaboration software will use Pexip’s video platform to power a natural face-to-face meeting experience, allowing fluent ideation when working on complex remote projects

Reading, England, June 1, 2023 – nuVa, a next generation virtual meeting provider, is partnering with Pexip to embed Pexip’s unique video technology into its interactive touch-workspace application. This combination enables a fully natural experience achieved through interactions between electronic documents and any application in the horizontal plane and people, through video in the vertical plane.

The ability to move, write, draw, and annotate on any document whilst synchronously discussing with the work group, fully emulates the natural meeting experience that has evolved over millions of years and still prevails at face-to-face collaborative meetings today.

The solution is ideal for highly complex hybrid, visual projects in fields such as oil and gas, finance, energy, engineering, construction, education, and healthcare.

Jocelyn Lomer the CEO and founder of nuVa, states “nuVa is designed and directly built after major research into human anthropology, sociology, psychology, and technology. In this way it delivers a unique and natural remote meeting experience, where ideas flow and innovation flourishes.”

This richer virtual meeting experience allows complex remote visual work that is effectively impossible with standard desktop collaboration. In turn nuVa opens major new markets for hybrid knowledge workers collaborating on high-complexity visual matters using software and documents. Now with Pexip’s secure video technology integrated into the nuVa application, the combination offers a private and safe solution.

“Pexip is thrilled to bring its video conferencing capability to nuVa users,” said Leighton Hughes, Vice President, Global Business Development – Innovation, at Pexip. “By adding remote participants into the conversation via video, users can collaborate with even more efficiency and accuracy. Pexip’s platform is ideal to power this application given its scalability to support large, global customers, and its built-in security for the most sensitive conversations.”

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About Pexip |

Pexip is video technology company. Pexip’s solution powers everything from business meetings to ultra-secure government meetings, from personalized banking to doctor’s appointments to court proceedings. Video creates trusted connections, builds brands, and brings transformational ideas to life. Organizations today use Pexip to protect meetings and personalize and elevate the video experience everywhere – no matter the technology. Pexip (PEXIP) is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Visit us at or on LinkedIn.

About nuVa |

nuVa specialises in virtual meetings, utilising the unique nuVa workspace and the powerful Pexip video conferencing engine to emulate a natural meeting. The nuVa concept of a ‘natural meeting’ is delivered in software and deliberately emulates the behaviours of people at a normal face to face meeting in an office. Multinational R&D sponsoring doctoral research at Cambridge, together with collaborations at MIT and other leading universities concludes that emulation of a ‘natural meeting’ delivers the best remote cognition or comprehension on the world market today. In turn this conclusion has major impacts on knowledge flow for hybrid working, net zero attainment, innovation and for immediate decision making on major or minor projects. Visit us at or Linkedin.

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