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Virtual Meetings

An immersive sharing experience

How it works

See all your team on video, and share all files, documents, and visuals on one real-time interactive workspace. Write, draw and annotate on any documents just as you would around a real-life meeting table. Work on any application together even if the other users don’t have the app installed.

Working with natural human gestures and no need to take turns, nuVa enables highly complex and visual work virtually. Through 'true collaboration', nuVa ensures the meetings you hold remotely match the quality of the meetings you hold face-to-face.


Available on any standard screen from a large 65” for the head office, 22” for the home worker, down to a tablet for the worker on the road.

Bring your remote meetings to life.

Allow users to share, collaborate and communicate freely, as if they were in the same room.

Benefits of nuVa
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Watch the 2 min explainer to learn more about nuVa.





“nuVa has revolutionised our global design meetings”

A new, and better way of hybrid working

nuVa is ready to use on any standard screens, providing you with ideal options for home workers, the workers on the road, and the head office.

Enjoy clearer and faster collaboration with remote colleagues with unrestricted sharing.

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nuVa brings transformative benefits to multiple sectors, developing the future and redefining what is possible.

Architecture | Health | Creative | Construction | Aerospace | Civil Engineering | Design | Manufacturing | Transport | Investigation | Research | Media | Defence & Security | Energy | Education | Remote Training | Legal | Consulting | Automotive | Fashion | & Many More...

Why nuVa?

nuVa allows complex work remotely that isn't possible on standard desktop meeting apps.


It's not another whiteboard. It's not another collaboration app. It's not another video meeting. nuVa is an entirely new & unique virtual meeting experience. A nuVa meeting really is like being in the same room as your team, no matter where in the world you're located.

nuVa can cut overall business costs significantly by reducing business travel, reducing mistakes & rework by speeding up the decision making process- allowing you to cut you project times in half.

Watch our videos to learn more about nuVa Virtual Meeting Software