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Revolutionise the way you work.

The way we work is changing by the day and organisations need to make sure they are equipped with the latest transformative technology. Businesses working on highly complex projects may struggle to collaborate efficiently on standard desktop meeting apps as they are an unnatural way of working, and do not hold they key elements for true collaboration.

Comprehensive research on how humans actually collaborate lies behind nuVa's design, and the end result is a virtual meeting software that really does feel like you are in the same room as your team, who may be 1000 miles apart.

If you picture a real-life meeting where everyone is sat around a table, you have all your complex documents spread around the table and everyone can participate freely, write, draw and share ideas- nuVa is just like this, but it's virtual.

nuVa in Action
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Watch the 2 min video to see nuVa in action

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