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Emulating Natural Design Meetings

nuVa replicates the dynamics of face-to-face civil and construction design meetings, fostering seamless ideation and innovation. True collaboration means seeing everyone and everything at once, and nuVa is uniquely designed to support this holistic approach.

Integrated Software and Hardware

Our advanced software, paired with a tailored hardware setup, creates the experience of a real-world meeting, virtually. Capture and share knowledge instantly, eliminating the need for travel.

Instant Document Sharing and Turn Taking

In a traditional construction design meeting, everyone sees the same documents and can interact with them in real-time. nuVa brings this natural interaction to the virtual space, enabling immediate document sharing, annotation, and collaboration without frustration.

Context-Rich Discussions

Effective multidisciplinary meetings require all relevant documents to be accessible simultaneously. nuVa allows shared views and manipulation of 2D and 3D documents, ensuring all important issues are addressed in context, promoting fluent ideation.

Advanced Collaborative Features

Beyond basic document manipulation, nuVa offers multiple breakout rooms, sticky notes, and advanced digital document handling for cross-referencing and enhanced collaboration.

Secure Data Encryption

In today’s security-conscious environment, nuVa’s end-to-end encryption ensures that all project communications and data remain secure.

Experience the future of civil and construction collaboration with nuVa, where natural design meetings meet virtual innovation.

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