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Emulating Natural Automotive Meetings

nuVa replicates the dynamics of face-to-face automotive industry meetings, fostering seamless ideation and innovation. True collaboration means seeing everyone and everything at once, and nuVa is uniquely designed to support this holistic approach.

Integrated Software and Hardware

Our advanced software, combined with tailored hardware, recreates a real-world meeting experience virtually. Capture and share automotive insights instantly, eliminating geographical barriers and travel costs.

Instant Document Sharing and Turn Taking

In traditional automotive meetings, real-time document sharing and interaction are crucial. nuVa enables immediate document sharing, annotation, and collaboration, mimicking the spontaneity of in-person meetings without delays.

Context-Rich Discussions

Effective multidisciplinary automotive meetings require simultaneous access to all relevant documents. nuVa facilitates shared viewing and manipulation of 2D and 3D documents, ensuring comprehensive discussions and informed decisions.

Advanced Collaborative Features

Beyond basic document handling, nuVa offers multiple breakout rooms, digital whiteboards, and advanced tools for cross-functional collaboration and brainstorming.

Secure Data Encryption

nuVa prioritizes data security with end-to-end encryption, safeguarding sensitive automotive designs, strategies, and communications.

Experience the future of automotive industry collaboration with nuVa, where virtual meetings drive innovation and efficiency without boundaries.

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